Neuro Performance By Andy Murphy

Episode #112: How NYE Will Change Your life In 2016 With My Top 5 Systems

I really hope as you are reading this now, you start smiling. How would it make you feel if you could be sitting where you are, thinking about the year you have just been through, 2015, and now the year waiting for you to step into, 2016, and the only feeling that you have now, is EXCITEMENT and KNOWING?
(I like the word knowing as it is the next LEVEL UP from confidence)
It sounds like a stretch right? To good to be true?
To me it simply depends. It depends on YOU and the choices you make right now in your mind. You see, we are all starting 2016 the same way. We are all going to wake up the same way, eat the same way and be excited, scared and back to excited again. So what is the difference to what 2016 will be like for YOU?
It starts with a choice. A decision. Simply it starts HERE and NOW.
The life and business you want can only come to you if you:
  • BUILD the Mind muscle of your VISION.
SET the GOALS so you WIN each time.
Stay FOCUSED on which PEAK STATE you are in.
When you can do this, you will start to discover now that, this is no difference between someone who is going to earn a BILLION DOLLARS in 2016, or someone who is living homeless on the streets.
So now, the choice is yours?
The Challenge:

What are the TOP 5 THINGS you want to have accomplished by this time next year?

Write this down and close your eyes and begin to see this and feel this while breathing deeply. Become more and more involved with this scene. Allow yourself to feel it is normal to have that life..!
In this latest Podcast Episode you are going to discover "How NYE Will Change Your life In 2016 With My Top 5 Mindset Systems".
Which means you are going to start setting your 2016 and take your life to the next level.
Keep BUILDING your MINDSET By Design and together we will create your LIFE by Design, so you can Dominate ANY Business..!
Happy New Year and lets connect very soon :)

Oh you might love these previous episodes, as I talk about them in the podcast too, keep scrolling down..!


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#110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard 

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Sales:  #110: The Hottest Way Sell Anything Joe Girard

UFC FIghters Mindset In Business

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Ask yourself this...

Imagine if you could take a fighters confidence, belief in themselves and drive into your own business and life?

I wanted to do my best to take you into the world of possibly the most famous Martial Artist in the world right now. Conor Mcgregor. He just won the UFC Lightweight championship, which YES, is amazing, but that is not what I wanted to focus on.

I wanted to show you from beginning of his career to him winning the belt, his thought process, belief and even the Law of Attraction that he speaks about, and show you how to apply that mindset by design into your business.

You see, Conor is not just a fighter, he is also a marketer, a salesman, a showman, a world-class professional athlete. When you can start to see through his eyes, it makes you begin to understand that as humans we are all passionate about very different things, yet the way someone who is world-class thinks across any area of life and business, are very similar.

People WIN for a reason, it is the way they think and feel, yes, but also how they catch patterns and then make NEW DECISIONS in the moment to what they are going to do next. It is also about such deep self belief that you have the skills, but know this because you have put the HARD WORK in, and know that you deserve the reward..!!

This podcast took me 2.5 hours to record, which means I know you are going to love it..!

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This is how we build PERFORMANCE at Mindset by Design. So we can be RICH, HAPPY and FREE and live anywhere in the world doing what we love..!

Let's do this!

Andy Murphy

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Episode #110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard

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It is crazy, do you find this sometimes.. Sales has been appearing around me a lot right now, from The Wolf of Wall street, Jordan Belfort training system to connecting with old skull NLP/sales mentor from over 13 years ago in Australia. It is really interesting to watch how sales has evolved and changed in mindset, since I was doing it in Real estate all those years ago..

That is why I wanted to get my buddy, Joe Girard on the show, again. His previous episodes were #5, #63 and now #110 

I love Joes style as it is about creating REAL relationships with people, actually caring and adding the NLP and psychology on top of that. That is the way helping people make a decision (SALES) should be always done. It is about helping someone get what they want, to help them in their life and because of that you should be rewarded, fairly. That to me is sales, yet so many people think it is sleazy and the image of the CHEESY car salesman appears in your mind..

The Challenge:
Imagine, a time where you had a really good experience with either a salesperson or yourself doing the sale.

Feel what that feels like now, as you imagine that time where you felt so good, that you trusted yourself to change now, and believe that sales is truly something amazing as you get to HELP PEOPLE all day. Ask yourself this, what is the feeling that you need now, that if you did would allow you to close that next deal, for yourself..!

Practice that one, until you think about the future and selling and the only thing that comes to mind is EXCITEMENT..!!

I would love to hear how you got on,


Let me know on either one of these links below..

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#110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard 

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GUEST LINK : Listen to Joe here

My power questions to change your life!

Meditation: 3 Ways Meditations will help you become world class entrepreneurs

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Episode #109: Winning Tactics For The Future of the Tech World with Dom and Tom


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My power questions to change your life!




Hello Crew..!

Let me ask you a question.. Do you ever take a moment to sit down and really take a look at where we are in the evolution of technology? We become so associated into society and don't get a chance to step out and look from a different perspective and actually understand that we are a baby compared to what is coming..

Tom, from do that for a living. It was great to see such a philosophical way of looking at the world, coming from someone who is creating our experience of it digitally, check this episode out, we cover so much brilliant entrepreneurial thinking…!

The Challenge:
Sit down and write down 15 things that you would have in your life if money was not a thought. What would you want? Why would you want it?

Really think about this and begin to imagine or visualise what it would feel like to have those things. You might notice that not all of them cost any money..!



**Dominate ANY Business:

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Episode #108: Why I Used 10 World-class questions that will change your life instantly!


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Hello Crew..!

This episode you are going to LOVE..These are some of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself to STOP an old pattern and CHANGE your unconscious mind and re-wire your mind muscles. We all get stuck in moments of our life, what is going to make you world class is understanding how to navigate through thoughts and feelings.

The fastest and best way to do this, is through powerful questions. This is a skill that as you start to grow your MINDSET BY DESIGN, you are going to also discover how much this will change your life.

You see, patterns are always playing in the background of your head, they are always playing. We as entrepreneurs just have to accept this. However once we start to gain the tools to be able to not only catch these old patterns, but then understand how to light up the thoughts and feelings we truly want that will make you accelerate your business instantly….

Day by day world-class people hustle, yes. World-class entrepreneurs also spend so much of their time working on their mindset, which means checking in with yourself all day. Seems like a lot of work, right? You are right, it is. I am glad it is though. Andy you might be saying, i don't want to waste all that time and energy. I would say, exactly you don't want to waste your time and energy; yet that is what you are doing right now. So we might as well spend this time and energy on what we know is going to make us happy and build the neural nets that we want, instead of the ones we don’t.

Here crew, you are going to discover Why I Used 10 World-class questions that will change your life instantly!



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Hello Crew..!

Nick has a who’s who of people that he has taken pics off. Go to his Instagram to see that on a daily basis.!

He is also an incredible entrepreneur that has friends such as Usher and Justin Bieber to his name, besides being a world-class photographer he is also such a nice guy and in this episode we really get down to what makes him so driven and stay so humble and connected to himself.

You will LOVE THIS..!



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Episode #106: ronda Rousey And Why How I Predicted She Would Lose. My NLP/ Mindset  Breakdown


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Ronda Rosey Autobiography episode

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Episode #105: NY times best seller shows the strategies to get infinite energy with Yuri Elkaim


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Hello Crew..!

NY Times bestselling author and renowned fitness and nutrition expert who’s helped more than 500,000 people to great health and fitness and was also a play professional/soccer player.

After going through some amazing health issues, Yuri explains in this episode how he rebuilt his life and shows you why health is so important to being an entrepreneur.

Such an amazing guy, I know you will love this episode.!



This is going to very special...!!

YOU definitely must take ACTION on this, EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED, I am going to do a LIVE Training/Webinar about the key strategies that PRIVATE VIP CLIENTS pay me thousands for..

How to Master Your Mindset & Dominate Any Business in 90 days...
Discover Science-Backed Tools to 3X your Success, Achieve your Goals, Eliminate Negative Habits & Master Your Psychology Turned It Into A $500k Per Month Powerhouse Almost Overnight... - Absolutely Free!

Make 2016 your best year ever >>>>>>

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Episode #104: Destroying FEAR like A World-class Entrepreneur



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Hello Crew..!

I know you will love this episode, as I give some true secrets that only VIP PRIVATE clients get their hands on..! I explain some of the science that is holding you back and how to catch it and change it right their and then, as everything is about perspective. When we change perspective we literally begin to re code your unconscious mind..!

I also share some personal things that are going on in my life right now, that might help you..

So go and check this episode out and make sure that you clicking a link above to truly get your MINDSET BY DESIGN and the LIFE and BUSINESS you know you deserve..!


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Episode #103: How The Pope, Steve Jobs & Richard Branson Ask Jay Samit For Help



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Jay Alan Samit is a dynamic entrepreneur and intrepreneur who is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation.  He launches billion dollar businesses, transforms entire industries, revamps government institutions, and for over three decades continues to be  at the forefront of global trends.

Everyone from the Pope to the President calls on Samit to orchestrate positive change in this era of endless innovation.  Samit helped grow pre-IPO companies such as Linkedin and eBay, held senior management roles at Sony and Universal Studios, pioneered breakthrough advancements in mobile video, internet advertising, ecommerce, social networks, ebooks, and digital music that are used by billions of consumers every day.  Combining innovation with commercial success, Samit is the consummate dealmaker; his list of partners and associates reads like a who’s who list of innovators, including: Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs, Reid Hoffman, David Geffen, Richard Branson, Paul Allen, and Pierre Omidyar. A proven trend spotter, Samit accurately predicts the future because he is constantly working with those who create it.


An adjunct professor at USC, Samit teaches innovation at America’s largest engineering school and is author of the forth coming book Disrupt Yourself: Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation (MacMillan June 2015). He is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and host of its documentary series WSJ Startup of the Year.  Samit frequently appears on ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC and tweets daily motivation to the over 100,000 business professionals who follow him on twitter @jaysamit. An expert on transformational corporate change, Samit has been quoted in The New York Times, The Economist, Businessweek, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Fast Company and TechCrunch.


Episode #102: The 21 Day Habit Lie


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In this episode I really wanted to help you as an Entrepreneur understand the lies we get told about actually creating real and last change in our life and business. Often we get caught up in the HYPE of something, and forget that behind most things is a marketing guy who is looking at selling something. Sales is part of life, but should come from a place a ecology and authenticity..!

I recently did a LIVE Training with the Mindset By Design Academy and wanted to share some it with you, as even in this extract, you will be BLOWN AWAY by what you are going to learn..!

Remember, to click the links above to step up and PLEASE write me a quick review, iTunes and myself will love you for it :)


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Guest link:

What is inside todays episode!

Crew, in this episode we discuss how Geoff went from being lost to making a choice and then being able to start building an elite level of network that creates massive opportunity and growth..!

The amazing thing is, he breaks it down into bite size sections so you can do the same..! You will love this episode..!

Remember make sure to grab your FREE mindset training and if you are ready, get yourself a FREE exclusive, very limited focus session with me for 45 mins :)

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UFC's Bruce Buffer & the 100th episode

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This our 100th episode and because of that I wanted to bring on one of my hero's for sure, UFC announcer #BruceBuffer. If your don't know Bruce, you might know his brother Michael Buffer who is the announcer for all major boxing events.

Bruce is not only an amazingly intelligent guy, he is also an incredible entrepreneur and athlete and martial artist.
In this episode we go into #ConorMcgregor fight, #Focus and the how to use it. Health, Being the real you. Martial arts mindset in life and being and #entrepreneur

Direct download: UFCs_Bruce_Buffer__the_100th_episode.mp3
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Meet with me for 45 mins FREE

Crew, I cover so many different topics in this episode for you. Some of the key areas were


Different version of reality, What is a Media Bias, None of it is right or wrong, Network is your net worth, Version of reality, Hollywood, Value system, Where are you having conflict right now? Evolution, Fixed Reality, Beliefs are not real, We get what we are ready for, Happens for a higher purpose, Pay attention or pay with pain, Pain is a good thing, You have to earn it, The kids get messed up, Appreciate it so much, It is always perfect, Are you ready to receive? Put the BS over to one side, Who is it you have to forgive? 

Great podcast for anyone wanting to Dominate ANY Business...!!


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Episode #99.2: The VIP experience


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What is inside this episode:


Dominate emotion 11:00

What is your belief 12:00

Build the muscle you want 14:00

Unconscious competent 15:00

Wish they taught this at school 17:00

I forgot about my why 18:00

Take away the obsession 20:00

Old you vs new you 21:00




Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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MBD Best of: Always Make the Right Decision 

Academy 5:00

Making that first decision 10:00
Options 11:00

It’s never to late 13:00

Consciously aware 14:00

Give it everything you got 15:00

What are the questions 17:00

Focus on February 19:40

Say it to yourself 20:00

Put the steps in 22:00

Quotes of the day 24:00





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#99.1 - World-Class Change In 3 Power House Steps


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What is inside this episode:


New business partner 2:00

Why todays topic 3:00

Do we need pain? 4:30

Being pulled in a different direction 7:40

Napoleon Hill book 8:30
Laser focus on the vision 10:00

Relationship Cycles 12:00

Step 1: Change always happens 14:00

Step 2: Fear root cause 16:00

Step 3: Question machines 18:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #98: Elon Musk, 5 Min Mentor with Andy Murphy


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What is inside this episode:


Use this as a Library 7:00

Book Intro 7:48

Break things into the simple 10:50

Everything starts in your imagination 12:00

What is the vision 16:00

Work harder than everyone else 17:00

Do your best only 17:30

Hire the Incredible 20:00

Learn everything you can 21:50

Goal setting machine 24:00

Stop the overwhelm 25:00

Set ambitious goals 27:00

Audio of Elons top 10 rules for success 30:00

Bonus Elon speech 38:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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****Guest Link****


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What is inside this episode:


What happened this morning 2:00

Everything moves in cycles 4:00

Saying hello 8:00

How it began 10:00

No direction 13:00

It takes time 15:00

Persistence 16:00

If you could rewind 2 years 16:00

Power of small Tribes 18:00

Raving fans 20:00

Travel time 20:47

Time zones 24:00

Periscope 25:00

1000 true fans 28:00

24/7 31:00

Complaining 32:00

What is playing in Jills head 33:00




Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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The Best of MBD: Quantum Thinking & Business


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What is inside this episode:


The men with the white jackets 6:40

Automatic Neurology 7:40

McDonalds Cause & Effect 9:50

You have a choice 11:00

Memories are not real 11:30

Effect 14:00

Beliefs 19:00


Atoms 22:00

The Observer 23:00

The Double slit experiment 23:00

Super Positioning 29:00

Dr Amit 37:00

My 3 Beliefs 40:00


Humans don't know nothing 44:00

Direct download: Best_of_MBD_Quantum_Thinking_In_Business.mp3
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Episode #96: The #1 Step that will Install a New Habit


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What is inside this episode:



Fiji Story 4:00

Neural Nets 11:00

Mind Muscle 12:00

Conscious Mind 13:00

Unconscious Mind 14:30

Learning something new 15:00

Yo yo dieting 15:00

Will Power 15:40

January program 16:00

1 second rule 16:30

Peak state 18:00

The steps again 19:40

Procrastination 20:00

1 Minute Rule 20:30

No wisdom about the future 22:00

New version self talk 22:45

Nothing breeds success like success 23:10

1 min = 1 year 25:00

Memories are not real 25:30

I am glad life is hard 26:00

Play full out 27:40

Next the next step 29:00

Goal setting machines 29:10


Wrap up speech 31:00

Direct download: 96_-.mp3
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Episode #95: Ronda Rousey 5 minute mentor with Andy Murphy


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**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today

What is inside this episode:


Who is Ronda Rousey 2:50

No one has the right to beat you 4:00

Don’t rely on others to make your decisions 6:20

People around you control your reality 7:50

Relationships that are easily ruined.. 11:20

Anything of value has to be learnt 12:30

Dreaming big 14:00




Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #94: World-class Health for the Modern Entrepreneur with Dr Isaac Jones



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*****Guest link ********

What is inside this episode:


Neuroscience 11:00

Public speaking 15:00

Increase your performance 18:00

Japan 19:00

What was the decision to get on stage 21:00

NLP Future pace 26:00

Affirmation in the morning 28:00

Dr Murphy 34:00

Facebook 38:00

Shoot bullets not cannons 40:00

Holistic 40:00

Yuri Elkaim 45:00

What would you do different 47:00

Overwhelm 49:00


What is in Isaac’s head 52:00

Direct download: 94_-_.mp3
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Episode #93: 1 year Anniversary. 10 things I learnt over the past 12 months



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Be your world-class 5:00

You don't have to go through all the pain 10:00

Fun 11:30

What do you want? 14:00

Imagination 16:00

No one deserves to beat you 22:00
Use the momentum of the past 24:00

Persistence 25:00
Get rid of people who don't commit to their word 29:00
Give it everything you have 34:00
Frequency 37:00
My nan 41:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

Episode #92: What would you do if you could not fail?


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Read a book a week 11:00

Ask what would you do if you could not fail? 13:00

Why did I trust someone else so much? 14:00

What do some people kick ass young? 15:00

We made the decision about that moment 16:00

No such thing as failure 17:00

Abraham Lincoln 18:00

How can we take this experience to grow 19:00

What is your perfect day? 21:00

Step up and create a ripple 23:00

It is just where you are 23:30

Look 5 years into the future 25:00

Give yourself permission 26:00

What would you be doing different now? 28:00

If there was infinite possibility, where are you now? 29:00

If everything was perfect, what is the lesson 31:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #91: Discover the 1 Secret for Massive Performance that No One is Teaching 



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Growth vs Fixed from Stanford 10:00

Which mindset are you 13:00

What is growth 14:00

Einstein 16:00

How you do one thing 17:00

Confidence is just displayed ability 19:00

Fake it util you make it? 20:00

Feel the fear and do it anyway? 21:00

The right frame 22:00

How does this apply 25:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

MBD 5 min Tune up about Stephen Hawking

Hello crew..

In this 5 min tune up I look at a classic Hawkings quote and show you about an expansive look at the world.

Yes with in 5 minutes :)

**Meet me for 45 mins**
**FREE Hypnosis**

**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today


Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #90: Discover how to dominate Amazon and get global freedom with Jeremie Roger



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*****Guests link********



Bali connection 11:00

Where did it start 15:00

Travel & rejection 20:00

Believe in the vision 24:00

Quality is important 27:00

Travel to see a mentor 30:00

Find the vision 33:00

Systemise everything 38:00

Get 1 assistant 43:00

Companies Wiki 44:00

Cashflow 50:00

Rocket fuel every 2 weeks 53:00

What is inside Jeremie’s head 58:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

Direct download: 90.mp3
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5 minute tune ups

Here is the first of a NEW regular episode, something to jump into the press the reboot when you need it most!! 

Are you ready to get started towards your Mindset By Design

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**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today

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Episode #89: Discover Why Harvard Knows Napping Will Accelerate Your Business Instantly


**Meet me for 45 mins**
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**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today




What is inside this episode:

Quote update 1:30

Periscope 2:00

Society 11:00

On Combat 13:00

Don’t go through this 17:00

Nap time 18:00

Adrenal glands19:00

Sun 22:00

10 mins 24:00

UK, nope 26:00

90 mins 28:00

Sales 30:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #88: 3 steps to stop Anger & Frustration in Business right now



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What is inside this episode:


Emotional topic 13:00

Don’t be like everyone else 15:00

Beach 17:00

Step 1: 18:00

Step 2: 20:00

Frank Kern and Tony Robins 21:00

Step 3: My Nan 27:00

Quote time 30:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #87: How a fitness expert pressed the reboot and went zen with Brandon Epstein 


**Meet me for 45 mins**
**FREE Hypnosis**

**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today




Why the move 13:00

What are the differences the mentors focus on 14:00

Brand shift 17:00

2 bowls a day 20:00

Meditation 22:00

Healthy life 26:00

AhHa 28:00

Fight or flight 30:00

Emersion 33:00

Happiest 36:00

World-class 38:00

Final thoughts 39:00


Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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A bonus episode from Andy where you can take a little look at your life and get your self set up for monday and the rest of your life. A powerful Install to change your Unconscious mind

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**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today


Hypnosis Bonus: The Sunday Chill out with Andy Murphy

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BEST OF MBD: Sales Master Class with Joe Girard


**Meet me for 45 mins**
**FREE Hypnosis**

**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today


******Guest****** http://JoeGirard.CA


What is inside this episode:

Speak to the Yes 1:00

Honesty is the trick 5:00

Being overwhelmed 12:00
5 year vision 15:00

Focus on this 18:00

Will you be remembered 24:00
Where Entrepreneurs go wrong 28:00
Hit a home run 32:00
Why 90 day goals 35:00

What people are remembering about you 40:00

NeuroScience Sales 42:00

What is playing in the guests brain today 50:00
Observing 54:00
Make things fit 1:00.00


Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive



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Episode #85: 3 Pro Steps to be a Badass in Business



**Meet me for 45 mins**
**FREE Hypnosis**

**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today


Sometimes weeks suck 1:00

Love to win 4:00

Focus session 7:00

Business is not about $ 13:00

World-class 15:00

Step 1: 18:30

Consequences 19:00

Step 2: 20:00

Step 3: 22:45

Step up 26:00

Quote time 27:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #84: Side Hustle & Build Your Dream Income with Nick Loper


**Meet me for 45 mins**
**FREE Hypnosis**

**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today


UK forest 2:00

Can I help? 8:00

About the book 14:00

Original business 17:00

Rewind the clock 19:00

Focus 24:00

Mindset 29:00

Routine 33:00

Top 3 priorities 36:00

Listeners to subscribers 38:00

5 years 43:00

Creative thoughts 47:00

What is playing in Nicks head 47:00




Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #83: Fail & Recover like a pro, 4 steps to keep driving


**Meet me for 45 mins**
**FREE Hypnosis**

**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today


Weekend work 2:00

Everyone gets scared 5:00

Moving from Pain 14:00

Right arm comfort 16:00

AhHa 19:00

Step 1 20:00

Step 2 24:00

Step 3 29:00

Step 4 32:00

Quote me: 37:00


Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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**Meet me for 45 mins**

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**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today


What is Inside this Episode:

Episode #82: How to be Boss Free & Live a life by Design


How did I meet Patty 2:30

Secret Sauces 5:00

Lifestyle by Design 12:00

Boring Internet Marketers 15:00

Side Hustle 17:00

Boss Free Society 20:00

You changed my life 23:00

Are you different 26:00

What are ready to get 31:00

Mindset 36:00

Productivity 41:00

Ego 45:00

Hip Hop 49:00

Fear 51:00

What is playing in Patty’s head 57:00


Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #81: Get Determined in 4 Rapid Steps


**Meet me for 45 mins**
**FREE Hypnosis**

**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today



A lot of work to be happy 2:00

Freedom 4:00

Free gift 6:00

Why become more determined 11:00

All company start here 12:00

Warren Buffett 14:00

Billionaire 16:00

Start of the steps 18:00

Step 1 18:00
Step 2 21:00

Step 3 24:00

Step 4 25:00

Quotes 28:00


Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #80: How a World-champion Bodybuilder became a Monk, Vegetarian & Multi-Millionaire


**Meet me for 45 mins**
**FREE Hypnosis**

**MBD Academy**http://LifeByDesign.Today





What is inside:

BodyBuilding 12:00

Mentors 15:00

2003 Diet 18:00

Come Alive by Bernard Jenson 20:00

Immune system 23:00

Protein 27:00

Probiotics 29:00

Electro magnetic frequency 34:00

Mental function 34:00

Dr william wagner 35:00

Aspartame 37:00

Save your brain, Wheat 40:00

Top things for Energy 43:00

Mindset for health 46:00

Parkinson's disease 51:00


What is playing in Wades head 53:00

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Episode #79: 3 ways MEDITATION will help you be a better Entrepreneur


Do your best 1:00

Power of now 10:00

Laser focus 11:00

Future past 12:00

Quantum 14:00

Top CEO’s 16:00

How can it help 19:00

Way 1 22:00

Way 2 25:00

Way 3 30:00

Quotes 39:00



Direct download: 79_3_ways_MEDITATION_will_make_you_a_better_Entrepreneur.mp3
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Episode #78: Get FREEDOM in 5 steps 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy


Why do you need freedom 2:00

Beach time 8:00

Home? 9:00

Architect story 10:00

Want what we don't have 13:00

Rob Dyrdek 14:00

Life by Design 16:00

Step 1  17:00

Play in it 19:00

Step 2  20:00

Step 3  21:00

Step 4  22:00

Step 5 23:00

Quotes 26:00



Direct download: 78_FREEDOM_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
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Episode #77: Stop Anxiety in 7 Steps 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy


Why Anxiety 4:00

Free Focus Session 8:00

Everybody deals with it 11:00

Triggering 13:00

Dictionary 13:40

Perspective 14:00

Different meaning 17:00

Step 1 18:00

Step 2 18:40

Step 3 19:00

Step 4 19:30

Step 5 20:00

Step 6 22:00

Step 7 23:00


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Episode #76: Menprovement & the science of becoming more with Sean Russell



Yesterday 2:00

Collage 13:00

Anxiety 16:00

Angry Birds 19:00

Support 24:00

Feel 27:00

NLP Technique 29:00

Men on the web 34:00

Suffering 37:00

Tim Ferris style 42:00 46:00

Chronic Fatigue 51:00

Dan Monroe 57:00

John Cooper 57:00

Allana Pratt 1:00:00

Dating 1:05:00

Authentic you 1:08:00



My episode on MenProvement

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Episode #75: F!@# IT 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy


Urban Dictionary 4:22

Monty Pthyon 5:00

Most F’s ever 6:00

Hypnosis audio 9:00

Hangout with me 12:00

When to use the F’ word 13:00

Time quote 13:00

Break the belief 16:00

Being in Pain 17:00

Focus 18:00


Expand 26:00

Against a wall 28:00

Bandler MATRA 29:00



Direct download: 75-_F_IT_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
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Episode  #74: Ebook Master-Class Tom Corson-Knowles


Why the song? 1:31

What do you do? 10:00

Think and grow 14:00

What is the drive? 15:00

Where do Entrepreneurs go wrong 17:00

Unlearn 19:00

Kindle 23:00

Ebook 6 Billion Dollars 24:00

Tom Fan 27:00

5 years from now 29:00

Parents 32:00

100 years past 32:00

India 36:00

What is in Tom’s Head 37:00



Direct download: 73_Tom_.mp3
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Episode #73: Accountability 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Quotes of the podcast 1:37

Be like you only 2:30

Get your morning hypnosis 4:30

Why Accountability 8:00

Muscle building 10:00

How are you training? 13:00

Certainty 14:00

Time, effort and energy 17:30

Speak to yourself right 19:00

Cant say yes 21:00

Everything has a positive intent 23:00

Beautiful life 25:00

Little secret..!28:00


Direct download: EP73_Accountability_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murpy.mp3
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Episode #10: Installing Happiness 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy 



Bali smiles 7:43

Fight or flight 9:50

Confucius 10:45

Going inside 11:30

Sales 13:30

Who is around you now? 17:00

Who to trust 20:00

Push & Expand 25:00

50 Cent 27:00



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Episode #72: Psychedelic Revolution with Dennis Mckenna



Terrance Mckenna 17:00

Our own tradition 18:30

LSD and Death 24:00

MDNA 24:00

DMT and Rick 28:00

MAPS & PTSD 33:00

Cannabis 36:00

The bit at the beginning 40:00

The science 42:00

Quitting smoking 46:00

Mystical experience 55:00

Ram Dass 58:00

Ayahuasca 59:00

Don Jon 1:06.00

Plant Intelligence 1:10.00

You see it 1:12.00

Dad 1:16:00

Curiosity 1:19:00


Direct download: EP72_Psychedelic_Revolution_with_Dennis_Mckenna_-_20042015_11.35.mp3
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Episode #71: Suffering 10 min Tune up with Andy Murphy


Breakdown 5:00

Don’t know what is next 7:00

Concentration camp 8:00

Attachment 9:00

Its not real 12:00

World-class version 14:00

Leader 15:00




Direct download: EP71-_Suffering_10_min_Tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
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The Best of: Choose the right choice with Andy Murphy



Software in your head 3:00
Break the pattern 4:30
Choices 6:00

New Options 8:00

Ask the right questions 9:00

What excites you? 10:30




Direct download: The_Best_of-_4_Making_the_right_choice.mp3
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Episode #70:  3 Years to Freedom with Mike Tecku

Move forwards 9:00

Does he care? 14:00

What will this do 16:00

Being in a band 18:00

Woman 20:00

Main belief 24:00

4 hour work week 27:00

Network 29:00

Photo booth 31:00

Independent contractor 35:00

Amazon 36:00

Learn, create, systemise 38:00

Invest 41:00

Zooming 43:00

Solve the problem 47:00



Direct download: 70-_3_Years_to_Freedom_with_Mike_Tecku.mp3
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Episode #69: Powerful Environments 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Why keep traveling 4:00

Palace 5:00

What are emerged in? 7:00

Tony Robins 8:00

Castle Villa 10:00

Time to reflect 14:00

Nans advice 15:00

Team 17:00

Virtual teams 21:00

Academy 22:00




Direct download: 69-_Environments_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
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Episode #68: World-class Productivity with Ari Meisel


Productivity King 6:00

Getting rid of the stress 8:00

Inbox 11:00

Richard Branson 13:30

Optimised 16:00

Atomisation 16:30

Outsourcing 16:50

12 months ago 18:00

High fat 21:00

Iron man 23:00

Out sourcing 26:00

5 years from now 30:00

Live event 34:00


Direct download: 68_.mp3
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Episode #67: Spiritual ?? 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy



No rules 8:50

Spirituality 10:00

What is the result 12:00

Shift in Consciousness 16:00

Quantum 17:00

Universe 19:00

Child me 22:00

DMT 26::00

Dream World 28:00

Bill Hicks 32:00

Serving 34:00

Amma 35:00

Quotes 37:00





Direct download: 67_Spiritual__10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
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Bonus #4: THE BEST OF: Money Mindset


Lies about money 4:00

  • Think about $ like this 5:00
  • Focus on $$$ 10:35
  • Build the business 11:58
  • Solve the problem 12:45
  • 6 months money 14:30
  • Build your App? 15:47
  • Stop being a consumer 18:20
  • 6 Minute Abs 19:30
  • Whats your network 22:00
  • Rocky! 26:30
  • Overview 30:00
Direct download: Bonus_4_The_best_of.mp3
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Episode #66: Mental Weight-loss with Stephanie Matos


Exercise Expert 12:00

Not worthy 16:00

Pissed off 20:00

Book 25:00

80% full 28:00

Lizard brain 33:00

Entrepreneur time 25:00

2 weeks notice 38:00

The Summit 41:00

Start small 44:00

5 years 48:00

Am I good enough 52:00

The Journey 54:00

Excited 58:00



Direct download: 66-_Mental_Weight-loss_with_Stephanie_Matos.mp3
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Episode #65: OVERWHELMED 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy 


Whatever level 8:00

Everyone gets it 9:00

Break up the mindset 10:00

Ego 11:45

Obsessed 12:00

Messy wiring 15:00

The grass in greener 16:00

Is this real ? 18:00

Focus 20:00

Quotes 21:00





Direct download: EP65_OVERWHELMED_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_MUrphy.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:06am EDT


Episode #64: Stress, Sex & Business


Obsession 7:00

Block out time 13:00

Top 5 key points 17:00

Physical pressure 22:00

Prioritise touch 26:00

See the matrix 31:00

Anxiety 33:00

Going soft 35:00

Energy 40:00

Stop ejactulating 43:00
How many books 47:00

Direct download: EP64_Stess_sex__Business.mp3
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Direct download: Bonus_EP3.mp3
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Episode #63: Sales Master Class with Joe Girard

Going to the Uk 1:00
What do you do? 9:00

Probing 11:00

Authentic Sales 13:00

Mac went crazy 14:00

Price Objection 17:00

Paypal guy 19:00

Joes Book 21:00

5 years from now 25:00

Internet marketing 28:00

I just don't care 30:00

Act calm no matter what 38:00

Scripts 40:00

Psychology Sales 45:00

First month free 50:00

Best Advice 52:00

Quotes 55:00



Direct download: Ep63_Joe_Girard_.mp3
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Episode #62: My Birthday Lessons 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy


Awesome birthday songs 2:30

Sunday morning 6:00

Play full out 8:00

Pull the people around you 10:00

California 11:30

UK 13:00

Fast changes 15:00

Perfect Football Mindset 16:00

When you were winning 18:00

From the heart 19:00

Who? 20:00

Ego 22:00




Direct download: EP62_My_Birthday_Lessons_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_MUrphy.mp3
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Episode #61: Sex & Connection in Business with Allana Pratt

Where are you from 11:00

Exciting 13:00

Title 15:00

Obsessed 17:00

Queen 20:00

Scared 22:00

Samurai 25:00

Bali 29:00

King 29:30

The guy 34:00

What would you change 36:00

Balance 40:00

Inside yourself 41:00

Imagination 45:00

You deserve it 47:00




Direct download: EP61_Sex__Connection_in_Business_with_Allana_Pratt.mp3
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Episode #60: LAZY?? Solo tune up with Andy Murphy

Big Dave 1:30

Define Lazy 2:30

It’s not your fault 12:00

Getting dave out of bed 14:00

What do you want 17:00

Rockstar 18:00

Question 21:00

Good questions 23:00
Fear of unknown 25:00

Quotes 27:00




Direct download: 60_LAZY_Solo_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:40pm EDT

Bonus Episode #2: Do you want to Hangout?? with Andy Murphy

Are you ready for Feb 4:00
Neurology 5:30
Building blocks 6:00

Future you 6:30

Game changing questions 8:00

Big and Bright 13:00



Direct download: Bonus_EP2_Do_you_want_to_Hangout.mp3
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Episode #59: Heart Core Business with Shanda Sumpter

Uk choice 9:00

Baby talk 11:00

Excuse 15:00

Emotional management 17:00

The dance of growing 20:00

Getting stuck 24:00

Strategic thinking 25:00

Relationship 29:00

Be Happy 31:00

Mastery 36:00

Opportunity 44:00

Obsessed 44:00

Lock onto a goal 50:00


Direct download: 59_HeartCore_Business_with_Shanda_Sumpter.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:14am EDT

Episode #58: STOPPING STRESS 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy


Why stress 1:15

Where does it come from7:00

Stop saying your going to do things 9:00

Catch it 10:00

Meditate 12:00

Perspective 13:00

Use the Library 15:00

What is the result? 17:00

Infinite possibilites 18:00

Not your fault 19:00

Quotes for you 19:45

Direct download: 58_STOPPING_STRESS_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:05pm EDT

Episode #57: Eating for Brain Power with Tina Seitz



Skin 10:00

Kim Kardashian’s butt 18:00
Lack of self worth 22:00
Acne 27:00
Tread on a tire 30:00
Eating less, live more 31:00

Stressed out !! 38:00
Make yourself happy 44:00
Cells and oils 47:00

GMO 50:00

Bio Available 58:00

Copper cup 1:03.00

Supply and Demand 1:11.00

Direct download: 57_Eating_for_Brain_Power_with_Tina_Seitz.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 6:40pm EDT

Episode #56: Self Confidence 10 min tune up with Andy Murphy

Come to Bali 9:00
Part of me 9:45
This is not real 12:00
Arrogance vs confidence 14:00
Stop doing what you have done 16:00
Ask your questions 17:00

Step up 24:00

Become like your network 27:00

You get what you deserve 27:30
Superhero 28:00

Quotes of the day 29:00


Direct download: EP56_Self_Confidence_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:00pm EDT

Episode #55: Solopreneur meets MBD with Michael O'Neil


San Diego life 10:00

UK 13:00

Triggers 17:00

Old Podcast 24:00

Entertaining hour 27:00

Baseball 31:00

FB Group 24:00

Instagram 34:00

The pro’s are coming 38:00

Network 41:00

What can you talk about? 45:00

Meeting the mentor 52:00

Saying YES 1:00.00

Getting to your win 1:08.00

Standup comedy 1:14.00


Direct download: 55_Solopreneur_meets_MBD_with_Michael_ONeil.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:22pm EDT

Go inside for the awesome questions that will give your laser focus on your goal


Direct download: Bonus_1_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:42am EDT

Academy 5:00

Making that first decision 10:00
Options 11:00

It’s never to late 13:00

Consciously aware 14:00

Give it everything you got 15:00

What are the questions 17:00

Focus on February 19:40

Say it to yourself 20:00

Put the steps in 22:00

Quotes of the day 24:00





Direct download: 54_Always_make_the_right_Decision_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:47pm EDT

Have you got your focus 3:00
Stop trading time 9:00

Financial Freedom 10:00

Network 16:00
Richard Branson 20:00

FEAR 22:00
Childhood change 28:00
Real Estate 30:00
Do want to go to work? 38:00
Who do you have to become? 43:00

Expert advice 48:00

Skin in the game 50:00

What is playing in Johns Head 53:00




Direct download: EP53_WEALTH_DRAGONS_with_John_Lee.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:16pm EDT



2014 Shift 2:00

Academy 3:00

Why money? 7:00

Game Plan 8:30

Tidy Homes 10:30

Modelling 13:00

My Niece 15:00

Imprint 16:50

Immediate action 18:00

Design what excites you 20:00

How much do you want it? 21:00

You get what you deserve 24:00

What are you saying? 29:00

NetWork 33:00






Direct download: EP52_Modelling_Money_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:28pm EDT

Academy 4:00

Sydney 9:00

Cali Creative 14:00

Rediscover 17:00

Passing 20:00

Shinny 23:00

Meeting Johnnie 26:00

Life is short 34:00

F@#K It 37:00

FEAR 40:00

Not right or wrong 46:00

Bill Hicks 47:00

StoneMan 55:00



Direct download: EP51_Badass_Entrepreneur_with_Johnnie_Cass.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:02pm EDT

Christmas day last year 3:00

Make a new decision 6:00

Entrepreneur mindset 8:00

What are you focusing on? 9:00

Richard Branson pass time 9:30

Balance 10:50

Where are you in 2015 12:00

Reverse Engineer 15:00

Health 17:00

Family & Friends 18:00

Romance 19:00

Fun 22:00

Environments 24:00

Guests 26:00

What are doing now? 29:00

Deleting what you don't want 34:00

Direct download: EP50_BLAST_INTO_2015_10_min_tune_up_with_Andy_Murphy.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:58pm EDT