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Episode #112: How NYE Will Change Your life In 2016 With My Top 5 Systems

I really hope as you are reading this now, you start smiling. How would it make you feel if you could be sitting where you are, thinking about the year you have just been through, 2015, and now the year waiting for you to step into, 2016, and the only feeling that you have now, is EXCITEMENT and KNOWING?
(I like the word knowing as it is the next LEVEL UP from confidence)
It sounds like a stretch right? To good to be true?
To me it simply depends. It depends on YOU and the choices you make right now in your mind. You see, we are all starting 2016 the same way. We are all going to wake up the same way, eat the same way and be excited, scared and back to excited again. So what is the difference to what 2016 will be like for YOU?
It starts with a choice. A decision. Simply it starts HERE and NOW.
The life and business you want can only come to you if you:
  • BUILD the Mind muscle of your VISION.
SET the GOALS so you WIN each time.
Stay FOCUSED on which PEAK STATE you are in.
When you can do this, you will start to discover now that, this is no difference between someone who is going to earn a BILLION DOLLARS in 2016, or someone who is living homeless on the streets.
So now, the choice is yours?
The Challenge:

What are the TOP 5 THINGS you want to have accomplished by this time next year?

Write this down and close your eyes and begin to see this and feel this while breathing deeply. Become more and more involved with this scene. Allow yourself to feel it is normal to have that life..!
In this latest Podcast Episode you are going to discover "How NYE Will Change Your life In 2016 With My Top 5 Mindset Systems".
Which means you are going to start setting your 2016 and take your life to the next level.
Keep BUILDING your MINDSET By Design and together we will create your LIFE by Design, so you can Dominate ANY Business..!
Happy New Year and lets connect very soon :)

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#110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard 

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Sales:  #110: The Hottest Way Sell Anything Joe Girard

UFC FIghters Mindset In Business

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Ask yourself this...

Imagine if you could take a fighters confidence, belief in themselves and drive into your own business and life?

I wanted to do my best to take you into the world of possibly the most famous Martial Artist in the world right now. Conor Mcgregor. He just won the UFC Lightweight championship, which YES, is amazing, but that is not what I wanted to focus on.

I wanted to show you from beginning of his career to him winning the belt, his thought process, belief and even the Law of Attraction that he speaks about, and show you how to apply that mindset by design into your business.

You see, Conor is not just a fighter, he is also a marketer, a salesman, a showman, a world-class professional athlete. When you can start to see through his eyes, it makes you begin to understand that as humans we are all passionate about very different things, yet the way someone who is world-class thinks across any area of life and business, are very similar.

People WIN for a reason, it is the way they think and feel, yes, but also how they catch patterns and then make NEW DECISIONS in the moment to what they are going to do next. It is also about such deep self belief that you have the skills, but know this because you have put the HARD WORK in, and know that you deserve the reward..!!

This podcast took me 2.5 hours to record, which means I know you are going to love it..!

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Episode #110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard

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It is crazy, do you find this sometimes.. Sales has been appearing around me a lot right now, from The Wolf of Wall street, Jordan Belfort training system to connecting with old skull NLP/sales mentor from over 13 years ago in Australia. It is really interesting to watch how sales has evolved and changed in mindset, since I was doing it in Real estate all those years ago..

That is why I wanted to get my buddy, Joe Girard on the show, again. His previous episodes were #5, #63 and now #110 

I love Joes style as it is about creating REAL relationships with people, actually caring and adding the NLP and psychology on top of that. That is the way helping people make a decision (SALES) should be always done. It is about helping someone get what they want, to help them in their life and because of that you should be rewarded, fairly. That to me is sales, yet so many people think it is sleazy and the image of the CHEESY car salesman appears in your mind..

The Challenge:
Imagine, a time where you had a really good experience with either a salesperson or yourself doing the sale.

Feel what that feels like now, as you imagine that time where you felt so good, that you trusted yourself to change now, and believe that sales is truly something amazing as you get to HELP PEOPLE all day. Ask yourself this, what is the feeling that you need now, that if you did would allow you to close that next deal, for yourself..!

Practice that one, until you think about the future and selling and the only thing that comes to mind is EXCITEMENT..!!

I would love to hear how you got on,


Let me know on either one of these links below..

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#110: The Hottest Way To Sell Anything with Joe Girard 

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GUEST LINK : Listen to Joe here

My power questions to change your life!

Meditation: 3 Ways Meditations will help you become world class entrepreneurs

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Episode #109: Winning Tactics For The Future of the Tech World with Dom and Tom


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My power questions to change your life!




Hello Crew..!

Let me ask you a question.. Do you ever take a moment to sit down and really take a look at where we are in the evolution of technology? We become so associated into society and don't get a chance to step out and look from a different perspective and actually understand that we are a baby compared to what is coming..

Tom, from do that for a living. It was great to see such a philosophical way of looking at the world, coming from someone who is creating our experience of it digitally, check this episode out, we cover so much brilliant entrepreneurial thinking…!

The Challenge:
Sit down and write down 15 things that you would have in your life if money was not a thought. What would you want? Why would you want it?

Really think about this and begin to imagine or visualise what it would feel like to have those things. You might notice that not all of them cost any money..!



**Dominate ANY Business:

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