Neuro Performance By Andy Murphy


I want to let you into a SECRET...

I hope you had an amazing time over christmas and the NYE.!

Now we are here in 2016. All of those fears and stresses might have popped up again. Maybe you are feeling the old sabotage patterns playing again, that all to familiar feeling of overwhelm and lack of belief in yourself..

Sound familiar?

You MUST understand, those feelings, those beliefs and mindset. Are not real, they are just old mind muscles that you have been pumping all your life.

Is it hard to change?
Is it hard to make a business work?
Is it hard to become world-class?

The simple answer is YES. Yes it is very hard. Also, I am glad it is.

In this life we get what we deserve. That might sound like a harsh statement (I don't mean, illnesses or injuries) I mean results in your life and business..

Look at it like this. We all eat a bit to much over the holidays and then at the start of Jan, say to ourselves, that is it I am going to the gym and eat the right foods etc...

Listen, You cant get 6 pack abs eating like you did over the holiday!
You also, cant get MILLIONS of dollars thinking and acting like you are struggling and don't deserve it.

RIGHT HERE and NOW.. it is time to ACCEPT where you are and DECIDE that you deserve a different life. It is that simple. Is it that easy? NO, of course not that is why you will WIN while you see everyone else around give up.

The difference is that YOU will keep pushing. YOU will keep driving. YOU will keep believing and learning to FLOW to the next result. Where others will focus on what went wrong.

Do you see the difference? So who you decide to be now, is the biggest thing that will CHANGE your life, health, money and happiness this year.

BE who you know you truly are inside..!


What would the FUTURE version of YOU tell yourself to do this month that will lead to next month, that leads to the month after which leads to you having your MINDSET BY DESIGN and the life you truly deserve?

WRITE down the beliefs, the emotion and the decision.

Put it on a sticky note and put in somewhere you are going to see it everyday. This will help interrupt the old pattern and keep YOU FOCUSED on where you want to go :)

Remember, give it everything you have as you will never get this day or year again..!

Lets do this!!

Luv yer...!


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