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Episode #171: The best 3 Step advice I have ever got about life

Man... it can be crazy sometimes being an entrepreneur...

are you thinking the same? :)

Unless you are one, it is a crazy ride that people just don't understand.

24/7 your mind is ticking...

People say they can do AMAZING things, but then let you down...
This really used to drive me crazy, so in the latest podcast episode 
I take you through the steps to keep 

1. Moving forwards
2. Not attaching to peoples BS
3. and most importantly keeping a smile on your face! :)


Pretty cool, right!

You can listen now, right here! 

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This is how we build PERFORMANCE at Mindset by Design. So we can be RICH, HAPPY and FREE and live anywhere in the world doing what we love..!

Let's do this!

Andy Murphy

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The Best of MBD: Quantum Thinking & Business


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What is inside this episode:


The men with the white jackets 6:40

Automatic Neurology 7:40

McDonalds Cause & Effect 9:50

You have a choice 11:00

Memories are not real 11:30

Effect 14:00

Beliefs 19:00


Atoms 22:00

The Observer 23:00

The Double slit experiment 23:00

Super Positioning 29:00

Dr Amit 37:00

My 3 Beliefs 40:00


Humans don't know nothing 44:00

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Episode #91: Discover the 1 Secret for Massive Performance that No One is Teaching 



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Growth vs Fixed from Stanford 10:00

Which mindset are you 13:00

What is growth 14:00

Einstein 16:00

How you do one thing 17:00

Confidence is just displayed ability 19:00

Fake it util you make it? 20:00

Feel the fear and do it anyway? 21:00

The right frame 22:00

How does this apply 25:00



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A bonus episode from Andy where you can take a little look at your life and get your self set up for monday and the rest of your life. A powerful Install to change your Unconscious mind

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Hypnosis Bonus: The Sunday Chill out with Andy Murphy

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Episode #85: 3 Pro Steps to be a Badass in Business



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Sometimes weeks suck 1:00

Love to win 4:00

Focus session 7:00

Business is not about $ 13:00

World-class 15:00

Step 1: 18:30

Consequences 19:00

Step 2: 20:00

Step 3: 22:45

Step up 26:00

Quote time 27:00



Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #83: Fail & Recover like a pro, 4 steps to keep driving


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Weekend work 2:00

Everyone gets scared 5:00

Moving from Pain 14:00

Right arm comfort 16:00

AhHa 19:00

Step 1 20:00

Step 2 24:00

Step 3 29:00

Step 4 32:00

Quote me: 37:00


Dominate any business with the 4 week Intensive

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Episode #76: Menprovement & the science of becoming more with Sean Russell



Yesterday 2:00

Collage 13:00

Anxiety 16:00

Angry Birds 19:00

Support 24:00

Feel 27:00

NLP Technique 29:00

Men on the web 34:00

Suffering 37:00

Tim Ferris style 42:00 46:00

Chronic Fatigue 51:00

Dan Monroe 57:00

John Cooper 57:00

Allana Pratt 1:00:00

Dating 1:05:00

Authentic you 1:08:00



My episode on MenProvement

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Using Andy’s Anchor 12:40

Adjusting to the kids 16:15

14 hour days? 18:00

Taking cold showers 20:00

Learning new things 23:00



Ben’s why30:00

In nature36:00

Negative ions39:00

Brain fog44:00


Blue light to sleep51:00

Gene dopping54:00

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Brazil 9:00

What to do next 11:30

Wall St 12:45

Designing life 14:00

Go, Fail & Learn 16:20

Where do Entrepreneurs go wrong 19:00

Get the team 21:25
The book 24:30

Public speaking 26:30

4AM 30:00

Internet Lifestyle 37:00

Why? 39:00

North Star 41:00

Arnold’s desire 47:00

Starting training 52:00

Short cut 54:30

2 per day 1:00:00

Celebrate all the time 1:05
Whats playing in Ben’s head 1:06

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Nervous Breakdown 1:00

27 & crazy pressure 7:30

Obsessed 8:45

Mirror 10:00

Alpha waves 14:00

Whats your state 16:50

Shall we stay up tonight? 18:30

Ask yourself these questions 21:15

Review 23:50

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Bali vortex 7:00

Happy with Money? 11:00

Starting to transition 12:00

How to choose a business 13:20

Strengths 15:00

What are the next steps 18:00

Should you be working for others? 20:00

Ayu 26:00

Advice about getting started 27:30

Business Porn 32:00


Rewind the clock 35:00
5 years in the future 39:00
Lydia’s Routine 44:00
What is playing in Lydia’s head 50:00

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Episode #18: The Meaning of Life with Andy Murphy

87 year old Wisdom 8:00

Your Mind is your Business 10:00

Nan’s Golden Nugget 10:27

Are you having Fun? 14:25
50 Cent Beliefs 16:00

Time 19:00


Be Kind on yourself 24:00

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Anchoring money 4:40

Why you need to get control 10:00

Change the movie 13:31

Different Decisions 14:40

Stop your Inner Chatter 15:21

Your words are connected to what? 18:00

Morning Hypnosis 20:00

Always a choice 24:00




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